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Writer, that I am...

2009-02-02 07:20:06 by HaRiKoINDEX

I'm a lonely writer looking for some projects. If someone want a story or manuscript for a flash, send me a message.
I'm not good with making comedy, I rather make some serious stories. So, give me a message if you have nay requests...

Take Care

Aha, we're FUCKIN' DONE!!!

2008-12-20 00:57:42 by HaRiKoINDEX

Me and my ol' pal Cirkus are done with our own website!
This feels great, and we know it might not be greatest of the greatest but it's a start. Check it out, you know were the link is, it stands Nimblefingers. :)
See Ya!

Love NG!

2008-12-09 09:14:16 by HaRiKoINDEX

Just gotta say, that NG is one super-sized site. Hey look, three s's. So NG is a one S.S.S. :D
Yeah, but this site is just great. Love the Audio-Portal, and great music there to. So keep up the great work and...erhm...yeah, something more.